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Walt Whitman High School



President's Welcome Message

The SGA will continue to make increased communication with Whitman students and with the surrounding community one of its chief goals. This website is a great way for the SGA to keep in touch with both students and parents, as we plan various school events and fundraisers throughout the school year. Important dates, videos, and information will be posted online for your benefit. However, I realize that providing students with opportunities to get involved with their school is not enough. Students need to know how to take advantage of these opportunities, and this website is a step in the right direction. Many important forms will be posted online, in order to make it easier for students and parents to stay up to date. I encourage you to sign up for email notifications and utilize the online suggestion box as well. If you have any other questions, feel free to email the SGA at Special thanks to Luke jcpenney coupon Rozansky for creating the site last year, and to Kevin minecraft servers Kay for maintaining it this year

Zach Schloss
SGA President


February 9th: Whitman Idol

February 17th: Guy Auction

February 22nd: 3 v 3 Basketball Tournament

February 23rd: Battle of the Bands

Help us fight leukemia and lymphoma and win this month's High School Challenge!

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